Where Should I Hide My House Keys?

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If you have made the excellent decision to get a copy of your keys, congratulations! It is a very important step to be independent that many people skip because they believe that they will never lose, break or have their keys stolen. Both your car, house or business keys should have a copy, but now we know that you have a new question, where to keep your keys?

You may feel a little silly investigating this, but it is really important because you never know who will take them without realizing it and who could affect you if they get them. So today we are here to clear up your doubts and help you choose both the place and the method. 

Spare key: inside or outside the house?

We know that this is something that kills you to know and that you have been thinking a lot since you have been copying your keys. Our best recommendation is to have one both inside your home and outside, that is, with someone you know and with whom you have the utmost confidence that if something happens, they will be able to help you right away. 

Where to hide the spare key inside the house?

Okay, we’ve already ruled out the outside option to hide our spare key, now where do we hide it while we’re inside? Ignore under the carpet or under a flower pot, it is too obvious, so you should look for something a little more elaborate especially if it is for very punctual emergencies. 

A very clever option is to hide it inside the vacuum cleaner by sticking it inside the collector, or even filling a fake mayonnaise jar that no one will use and putting it inside the fridge. You can also hide it where your socks go, get creative! But we recommend that you don’t leave it in the living room or in an area very close to the door because someone who intends to have it will look for it in those areas. 

Where to hide the key outside the house?

If you think of the yard or porch as a reliable option for storing your key because you want it in case you’ve lost yours and can’t access your home, then we repeat: Don’t put it under the carpet or next to the flower pots. Bury it in the ground with a string attached to it and something you can pull to get it out, like a gardening stick.

You can also leave it attached to a window sill underneath, or even inside a faucet nozzle. Get creative! And if you haven’t gotten your key out yet, we recommend you call a residential locksmith and do it right now!

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