When to lift the breast

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incision to lift the breast May be done in conjunction with breast implants or not. is when there is sagging caused by aging or after breastfeeding or after losing weight If you easily evaluate yourself by looking in the mirror and seeing that.

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Most of the nipple and breast tissue is below the base, udder, or bottom edge of the bra. It may be necessary to consider breast lift surgery. Unlike conventional breast augmentation, breast augmentation and surgical techniques are much more complicated and time consuming.

When should breast reduction be done and why?

  breast problems Not only for those whose breasts are small, but also for those whose breasts are too large. It can cause neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, or a red, itchy rash under the breasts. Some people may have problems with social personality Because wearing anything looks porno. or being teased by friends If you have these problems Breast reduction surgery can be considered. Therefore, breast reduction surgery will improve the quality of life of the patient. Both physically and mentally, what are the precautions of breast reduction surgery? There are both short term and long term. Including problems associated with general surgery. And the problem associated with this type of surgery that is very important is breast reduction surgery. There may be problems with surgical wounds, including split wounds, infected wounds, necrosis and abnormal scar formation. Another important problem is cutting out breast tissue may affect blood vessels and the nerves that feed the nipples In some cases, nipples may be dead, peeling off, or nipple numbness. If the patient is young and planning to have children In addition, in the long term, the shape of the breast may change, which may sag again. or have a further increase in size If not Fixing causes of breast enlargement such as hormonal factors, etc.

How can breast reduction in a male shape be done?

  It is generally done in response to a state of mind. Make the shape more masculine. The surgical wound may be in the areola, on the breast or at the base of the breast, depending on the original breast. How big is it usually? After breast surgery The nipple area is often numb, sometimes if the breast is very large. technique needed Nipple removal surgery Then come and paste again. The position of The scar depends on the aptitude of the surgeon. and satisfaction of operators Treatment is the most important principle. If it has been cut, it cannot be brought back. Therefore, those who cut the breast should be evaluated by a psychiatrist. Consent is always signed by yourself and witnesses.

What causes enlarged breasts in men?

  There are 4 main organs in the male breast area: 1. Pectoral muscles (or what muscular people call Sex Toral – pectoralis major) 2. Breast meat 3. Fat 4. Breast bone The reason why the breasts grow It may be caused by

  1. Gynaecomastia is the most common cause. is actually an abnormal growth of breast meat, which is often caused by breast meat stimulated by hormones Usually found in two age groups, adolescence. or the elderly or men who take hormones which the male breasts may grow on one side or grow on both sides unequally. 2. Chest muscles grow. found in bodybuilders or exercisers
  2. Breast Tumors It could be breast cancer. which men can get breast cancer or other types of tumors, but this cause is less common This case is usually abnormal from birth and can be seen more clearly in childhood or adolescence. and become a beautiful girl usually breast meat Another case that can happen to both women and men. That is, the growing side is normal, but the other side grows abnormally, it can also be found, for example, Poland syndrome for treatment. If it’s a tumor, surgery is required. But if the bone is deformed see how much the deformation is corrected by surgery which if it is a muscle will be very irreparable But if it’s breast meat It is considered that the volume is large or small, requiring surgery. Or may have to take medication or not. which Generally It is not urgent and there is no risk of breast deformity. or having the breast removed after breast cancer surgery Can it be corrected or not? The answer is that it can be done. The most important thing is to treat the tumor. or cancer to be cured safely first In some cases, new breasts can be added. along with the removal of breast cancer tumors But if the breast is cut

Then they can be evaluated and breast augmentation remade as well. The factors that need to be evaluated include the severity of the disease, the stage of the disease, and concomitant treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Breast enhancement: What can I do after breast reduction?

new breast augmentation More than one operation may be required as the breasts need to be gradually rebuilt. And adjust the shape of the other breast to fit. The surgical technique is to use your own flesh. For example, from the abdomen or the back or the fat around the hips, buttocks, thighs, which are natural, close to breast meat. Or if you don’t use your own meat may use a breast implant, which has the advantage of not having to injure More other places And it can be done with a short recovery time. and less pain, depending on the assessment of the disease suitability of the patient’s body shape and the aptitude of the surgeon as well

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