The Power of Female Friendship in Sarah Polley’s Films

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Sarah Polley’s films often explore the power of female friendship and how it can be a source of strength and growth. In her debut feature film Away From Her (2006), Polley examines the relationship between a married couple, Grant and Fiona, as Fiona’s Alzheimer’s apps session progresses. As Fiona’s memory fades, Fiona and Grant rely upon the support of their mutual friends, Marian and Aubrey, who strive to help them through the difficult transition. Despite Fiona’s deteriorating mental state, she and Aubrey form a strong bond, spending time together, talking and laughing. This friendship is a source of comfort for both women and allows them to find joy in their lives despite the difficulties that Fiona is facing. In Take This Waltz (2011), Polley emphasizes the importance of female bonding timechi through the friendship between Margot and Geraldine. Although Margot is married to Lou, she begins to feel a strong connection to her neighbor, Daniel. Margot’s marriage is tested when she is faced with the decision to stay in her current relationship or pursue a new one. It is Geraldine who helps Margot to make this difficult decision by encouraging her to explore her feelings and acknowledge what she truly wants. Throughout the film, Margot and Geraldine’s friendship provides comfort and strength, allowing Margot to make the decision that is best for her. Polley’s films demonstrate gimnow the power of female friendship and how it can be a source of growth and transformation. Through her characters, Polley encourages viewers to look at the importance of female bonds and recognize the strength that they can bring.

Sarah Polley is a Canadian actress, director, and screenwriter who has been writing and directing since the mid-2000s. Her writing process is both meticulous and methodical. She strives to create a story with a combination of both structure and emotion, and she is known for her ability to develop characters and stories with depth and nuance. Polley begins her writing process by researching the subject matter and conducting interviews with the people involved. She emphasizes the importance of spending time in the world of the story and getting to know the characters. As she digs deeper into the story, she looks for the emotional core of the story, which will be the foundation of her work. Once she has a good understanding of the story, she begins to draft her script. She begins by writing out the story in chronological order, then works backward and forwards to ensure that the story flows logically and that every scene is necessary. Polley also pays close attention to the dialogue in her scripts, as she believes it to be one of the most important elements in creating a successful film. She is known to spend a lot of time researching and perfecting the language of her characters to make sure it feels natural and fits the context of the story. Polley’s writing process is highly organized and structured. She takes the time to carefully craft her scripts, ensuring that each scene serves a purpose and that all of the characters have depth and a realistic voice. By taking the time to research, perfect her dialogue, and create compelling stories, Polley has established herself as a talented screenwriter and director.

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