Lida Review – F95zone Adult Games

musa 1 Min Read

Lida is a 3D character in the game f95zone. She believes everything people tell her, even if it’s not true. She can solve problems by blackmailing or disgracing people, but that’s about as far as her skills go. The only redeeming quality of Lida is her long dialogue. The game is a great entertainment if you enjoy playing walking simulators, but it’s also one of the most boring games around.

The game is very difficult to play, and the writing is terrible. It’s often filled with nonsense, such as filler quests and tedious, pointless walking. There are bugs and poor translations, which can ruin the game for anyone. It’s important to save frequently, because game writing can be extremely frustrating. Eventually, you’ll get used to them and will find them less of an issue. Ultimately, this game is a very entertaining and exciting experience.

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