How Does HealthTap Work?

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The HealthTap app offers users a convenient and cost-effective way to get health care. It combines proprietary technology and a network of doctors to provide 24/7 access to virtual Online doctor visits, with an average wait time of less than 1 minute.

It also allows members to submit written questions for a free answer from a physician. It’s a convenient option for people who can’t afford to visit a doctor in person.

The app

HealthTap is a platform that combines an app, a website, and an AI system to provide telehealth services. It allows members to connect with licensed physicians for free, and they can receive health information and prescriptions through live video or text chat sessions.

Users can also submit their questions to doctors through HealthTap, who will then send a response to them within 24 hours. The app is available on iOS and Android devices, and there are no recurring fees.

In addition to helping members obtain health information, prescriptions, and diagnosis, HealthTap offers virtual consultations with primary care doctors. These consultations can be helpful for managing chronic conditions, avoiding unnecessary urgent care and ER visits, and getting doctor-ordered prescriptions.

The website

HealthTap is a doctor-powered app that connects users to healthcare experts through video and text messaging. Its goal is to provide high-quality medical information and guidance to its members, thereby saving them time and money.

To answer questions, HealthTap relies on a database of 60,000 doctors from all over the US. These doctors have already been tested, audited, certified and accredited by independent organizations.

Moreover, HealthTap also offers a question-submission service that allows users to post anonymous questions and receive answers within 24 hours. This is free, but an appointment must be made in order to use it.

The company is betting that Americans will adopt this new service, called Prime. According to CEO Ron Gutman, a Prime membership will allow users to call, text, or video chat with doctors any time they want.

The AI system

HealthTap uses a variety of AI techniques to create its interactive triage system, including machine learning, natural language processing, Bayesian learning, and pattern recognition. The AI combines a clinical repository of real-world situations and physician expertise cultivated from 105,000 doctors across 141 specialties with algorithms to apply doctor-sourced clinical insight, triage patients’ symptoms, and guide them to the right level of care.

The system can be used by individuals or small businesses to diagnose health problems and get potential medical answers without having to visit a doctor in person. It also gives users access to their personal health records.

Its AI is a virtual doctor that responds to questions asked by users and can provide suggestions for the best possible care, depending on the user’s symptoms and health profile. It also can schedule appointments with doctors and help patients navigate the healthcare system.

The doctors

HealthTap is a nationwide virtual healthcare provider, delivering quality care affordably to all Americans, regardless of insurance. Its members have access to their own long-term primary care doctor of their choice to orchestrate all ongoing health needs every step of the way, at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

They can access HealthTap’s network of over 90,000 U.S.-based doctors, who go through a rigorous credentialing process to ensure they can provide high-quality care.

Using proprietary technology similar to those of ride-sharing and delivery companies, HealthTap matches patients with doctors in real time and at scale. Its members enjoy same-day video appointments, responsive text messaging to their doctor, and 24/7 on-demand urgent care with wait times of one minute or less minishortner.

In addition to doctor visits, HealthTap’s doctors can also fill prescriptions and order lab tests. These services are not offered by most telehealth platforms, and they can be a deciding factor for some consumers.

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