How Do I Stop My Antivirus Software From Deleting DLL Files on My PC?

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If you want a simple way to stop Windows Defender and Avast from deleting DLL files on your PC, read this article. It will give you the step-by-step instructions you need to prevent your antivirus software from deleting DLL files on your PC. If you are having trouble preventing your antivirus software from deleting files, try resetting your settings to the default ones and try again.

How to stop Windows Defender from deleting DLL files

Sometimes, you may wonder how to stop Windows Defender from deleting the DLL files on your PC. It may be caused by a faulty update ninitepro or a failed load of a user file. The good news is that there are a few ways to prevent this. Here are some simple steps to prevent Windows Defender from deleting files on your PC. You should run a recovery program if you cannot resolve this issue.

To make Windows Defender not delete on your PC, you should open the Control Panel first. Navigate to the “Virus and threat protection” setting. Next, click the “Exclusions” option. Click the plus icon and select the files you want to exclude. Select the files or programs you don’t want Windows Defender to delete. Then, restart your PC. After this, you can disable Windows Defender.

Another reason you want to disable Windows Defender is that it frequently deletes game files and other pirated programs. Pirated games and other illegal software can contain infection bundles. Windows Defender may delete these files, but you can protect yourself by adding exceptions to the policy. It’s a good idea never to disable Windows Defender altogether. If you are still unsure, read this article for more details.

How to stop Avast from deleting DLL files

You are not alone if you’ve ever wondered how to stop Avast from deleting DLL files on my PC. This annoying security software has a way of deleting these files when it thinks they’re causing a “decompression bomb” – an important document that uses high compression to take up a lot of system memory. However, deleting a single file from your computer will not cause an attack. Fortunately, you can fix this issue yourself.

DLL files contain code, data, and resources that make your computer run. If you don’t restore these files, your computer’s performance may suffer. A system scan will identify potential issues. In some cases, these DLL files are part of a virus. If you notice this problem, disable your antivirus software, and protect your files. You can also use third-party software to secure these files.

Once Avast has detected the files, it will add them to its exception list. You can also restore these files manually by selecting them in File Explorer. Wait for the process to finish. Once you’re sure you’ve successfully recovered the files, click on the “File successfully restored” notification. The files will be restored to their previous location. They won’t appear there if they’re not in the Virus Chest.

How to prevent Windows Defender from deleting DLL files

Suppose you have encountered this problem and cannot figure out why you may want to turn off Windows Defender. To prevent the program from deleting DLL files, you will need to disable it. To do this, you need to open the Windows Registry Editor. You can use the Run dialog box to open the Registry Editor. Once inside the registry editor, click on the “Update & Security” link nobkin.

Once you enable the settings, you will see bhojpurihub a folder named “Quarantine” in your Program Files folder. This folder contains DWORD (32-bit) values. You will have to have elevated privileges to access this folder. You can set a timer to delete these files if you don’t want them to be deleted automatically. This feature also protects your computer from being affected by a malicious application.


To turn off Windows Defender, open it by using your preferred method to open it. Next, you can click on the “Virus and Threat protection” section. Here,  riley reid and rudy gobert marriage you can choose whether to add or remove files or folders from Windows Defender’s scanning process. You should select File or Folder when entering an exclusion. You can always click the “Manage settings” button if you’re unsure what to choose storysavernet.

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